Stories to read online

Continuity of Parksby Julio Cortázar

Feathersby Raymond Carver

The Ice Babyby Carys Bray

It, by Adam Wilmington, winner of the 2013 Manchester Fiction Prize

A Good Man is Hard to Findby Flannery O’Connor (from the collection of the same name)

The Company of Wolvesby Angela Carter (from The Bloody Chamber; just basically read the whole book! There used to a half-decent pdf online, but it seems to have vanished: this one is peculiar, but will do at a pinch. Do buy the book, though… or at the very least take it out of the library.)

My Polish Teacher’s Tieby Helen Dunmore (probably the most uplifting story ever written; from Ice Cream)

These next two are available online if you want to subscribe to The New Yorker (or perhaps already do); at time of writing it’s a dollar a week to do so.

The House of the Famous Poet, by Muriel Spark (in The Penguin Book of Modern British Short Stories)

A Perfect Day for Bananafishby J.D. Salinger (from Nine Stories)



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