Non, je ne regrette rien.

Yesterday, after a long and often bruising fight, we ‘lost’ our campaign against the hostile academisation of my daughter’s school, the Hewett in Norwich.

Except we didn’t lose. We didn’t lose, because we couldn’t lose. It’s impossible to lose, in my opinion, when the other side is cheating.

The moral victory is ours: we played by the rules; they didn’t.

We proved to them, via a publicly funded consultation, that Inspiration Trust was unwelcome at Hewett.

They ignored it.

We spoke unanimously against them at our final public meeting.

They ignored it.

The Guardian newspaper leaked revolting email correspondence between the two worst offenders in this hideous stinking mess – Rachel de Souza, the CEO of Inspiration Trust, and the board’s chair Theo Agnew – in which de Souza described herself as SICK at Hewett’s Ofsted success in 2013. Was the school ‘vulnerable’ again, she wondered, when exam results later fell? Agnew remarked on her ‘cunning ways’.

They all had cunning ways, as it turned out: not only de Souza and Agnew, but all of their chums too: Lord Nash, the Academies Minister; Tim Coulson, the Regional Schools Commissioner; Nicky Morgan, the Secretary of State for Education. They all had their fingers in pockets and pies, and the stench of Tory cronyism is strong in Norwich today.

So I’ve woken up this morning with one or two regrets. I’m regretting the fact that gagging clauses and widespread fear meant that so few Inspiration Trust teachers were able to go on the record with the shocking stories they told me in confidence. Perhaps I should have got naked and chained myself to the railings or thrown myself under de Souza’s chauffeur driven car or the hooves of her Tory chums’ polo ponies. I’m regretting the ratio of food to alcohol in my life last night, when I slunk to the pub in the rain after helping to cover the gate of our school in Crime Scene tape, and regretting the paltry amount of sleep I’ve had for the tossing and turning and nightmarish visions of this...



I’m regretting the fact that Look East cut me to ribbons last night and gave squirming and gurning de Souza free reign to suggest that I’m some kind of numbskull who just hasn’t seen the light yet. She admires our passion. She hopes (gurn gurn) that we’ll later become her biggest supporters. (The words: ‘dead’ and ‘body’, ‘not’ and ‘over’ spring to mind.)

But there’s one thing I’m not regretting…

I’m not regretting this campaign. I never will. Look what happened last night, with an hour’s notice. All of these lovely people arrived in the absolute pissing rain, and they stood in support of our school. They brought banners and signs.

Screenshot 2015-08-06 08.51.08

Screenshot 2015-08-06 08.36.24

A supporter made this, in ‘honour’ of the Hewett’s new logo (rustled up within 24 hours if you believe the bastards at Inspiration Trust):

Hewett crime scene 2

We hugged and talked and commiserated. We spoke to reporters and had our pictures taken and wiped the drizzle from our faces and, later on, went to the pub and got drunk. (Well, one of us did…) Someone (who won’t allow me to name her) did something just beyond lovely for me, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Hewett kids and Hewett parents and local residents stood proud in the rain. Our school isn’t perfect. We’re not perfect. But we’re something else, something better: we are decent human beings.

I have met the most astonishing, amazing, and good-hearted people in the course of this long and hard campaign (too many to name individually, although Jo and Emma deserve special mention). I have found my own voice again (it was down the back of the sofa for most of 2014), and watched other people find theirs. I have tweeted and blogged and written emails and stood shouting in school halls and gone on the telly box and the radio and flung my whole self at this campaign, and the reason I’ve done all this is quite simple: it was the right thing to do.

Unlike the delightful Dame Rachel, I’m not a believer in God. But I reckon if he did exist, he’d be on our side. He’d have been outside those gates getting soaked last night (or, possibly, stopping it from raining at all…).

So the Inspiration Trust may have stolen our school, but you know? Be careful what you wish for. Because we come with it. We’re not going anywhere. We are Hewett. And this is only the beginning.

14 thoughts on “Non, je ne regrette rien.

  1. Well done to you Lynsey, you are a very courageous person. Thank you. I was talking to a teaching assistant in the pub yesterday and I asked him if he worked in an academy. He replied thankfully no, and that if his school became one he would quit (or words to that extent}


  2. Lynsey,

    You should be very proud of what you have achieved.

    People such as RDS and organisations like IT, always overreach themselves. There is probably more than enough evidence already out there somewhere, that would result in an extremely difficult situation for them. Remember the investigations into the Ofsted notifications? The findings were damning, despite IT saying no evidence was found. Even a casual reading shows that emails were “lost”, personnel crucial to a proper investigation “could not be traced”, minutes of crucial meetings were “lost”, the final verdict was a “balance of probabilities” in a severely hampered investigation. Reading between the lines, the actual truth of the matter seems pretty clear. RDS was informed of an Ofsted inspection but the date changed – but not because she immediately raised the serious problem. Teachers who know about IT already know much that is pretty bad stuff, but are reticent to say it in public for fear of causing trouble for people in those schools, or their colleagues who work in them

    They WILL be found out. It is just a matter of when. It always is.

    Have a good weekend.


  3. Lynsey – the work you have done on this is brilliant, you have already managed to put some markers on the table that effect the way they operate. Because of your work they are under more scrutiny and will have to temper some of their usual ways because of it, that is good for the kids. IT reminds me much of News International, Agnew is Murdoch and RdS is Rebekah Brooks. The first waves of the hacking scandal were much like what we’re seeing at the moment, smug and disingenuous put downs and misdirection….but because people didn’t give up, they eventually fell because of that arrogance – this will happen to IT. All the signs are there. You’ve started the snowball and it will now gather pace. Keep heart you’ve done a great job and inspired people far and wide (I’m over 2000 miles away).


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